All orders are shipped discretely to your home address. We ship Monday through Saturday the shipping cut off time is 3pm Central Standard Time. Please email us with any questions about shipping and we will respond to you anytime within the week (7 days)

You may be in any location in the world and that is fine. We can get your new best friend to you quickly no matter where you live.
As of September 1st, 2019 we have our ground pet delivery service for your dog and others in countries worldwide. Your dog will be picked up at our kennel by one of our strongly vetted and professional drivers. They will deliver your new family member right to your door. In a recent Facebook survey we ask followers which way they would rather have a dog delivered and 98% said by ground using one of our drivers. And the price for this incredible service is very reasonable.
If you are the owner of kennel or just a pet owner who needs a pet moved from one location to another we can accommodate your needs as well. Just complete the contact form and tell what you need.
Moving Pets Coast to Coast – We can do it.

  • Pick him up at our kennel.
  • Have him shipped to your local airport.
  • Have us deliver him and do a training session to make you a better handler from day one.
  • Have our delivery drivers bring the dog to you. – As of September 1, 2019, we started our own ground delivery service for our dogs. This means safer handling for your family member and a ride directly to your door. And in most cases, it’s not much more in cost than air transport.

Safe And Comfortable Shipping Process

Puppies aren’t vases or art supplies, so when you hear that he or she can be shipped to you, your first reaction is probably shock. Before you panic, get that picture of cardboard boxes and foam peanuts out of your mind! Shipping Puppies is usually quite safe and any airlines or trucking companies that take live animals have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health.
Airlines will either ship Puppies in the Cabin compartment which is actually very safe and comfortable for the Puppies, especially if there is no need for a layover or cargo transfer or the Puppy to be stowed under the passenger’s seat in lieu of carrying on luggage. This is probably the safest mode of air travel.
We always give all our Puppies a Bordetella vaccine prior to shipping to avoid the chances of other Dogs or pets infecting them.


If you are not satisfied with your puppy upon delivery, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can return your puppy within 15 day’s for a full refund.


If you are not satisfied with your puppy upon delivery, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can return your puppy within 15 day’s for a full refund.


We do our upmost best to make as much payment options available as possible. If you have any requests for new payment methods you can always give us a shout. Although our business is legit, we process every transaction as discrete as possible. It would be great if you could do the same.

We have the following payment methods available. Although it could be that some of the payment options are disabled for some countries due to high risk of fraud.


We ship to nearly every country in the world, however this does not necessarily mean we will be able to ship to yours. In case of uncertainty it‘s best to check with us before submitting your order.

Please note that due to inconsistencies and contradictions of local legislation, we always are always on the side of caution. But since rules do change sometimes, we‘d appreciate it if you could contact us if you believe that we wrongfully refuse to ship to your country, and furnished us with supporting evidence.

Please Read This Section VERY Carefully Before Ordering! Note This is the order page. If you have something to write to me that is not an order use the Contact us. For information on shipping Click here